Polyurethane Screens

Polyurethane screens have an excellent abrasion resistance. This gives more lifespan in working-process compared with wire cloth and perforated metal. Futhermore there are very suitable to sieve those aggregates that easily clog the holes, thanks to the material’s elasticity and the conical holes. Because of their longer lifespan in working-process and the reduction of dead times for the replacement, SOVALIT screens give a significant cost advantage. 

Besides the usual requirements of a screening surface, SOVALIT polyurethane screens have the following characteristics:

• Long wear resistance
• High cut resistance
• High elasticity and deflection resistance
• Nearly complete absence of clogging

• Significant noise reduction
• Heat resistance up to 75°C
• Good open area
• Availability of different qualities and hardness of polyurethane.


Tensioned, with steel tensioning folds
Flip flow

Self-supporting, for flat vibrating sieves and trommels

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  1. Sovalit modular

    Sovalit modular

    MODULAR SOVALIT divides the screening surface of the vibrating machine in modular screens. 1000 x 300 mm is the standard size, but they can be bigger or smaller to match the deck dimensions.

  2. Sovalit for dewatering machines

    Sovalit for dewatering machines

    SOVALIT for dewatering machines is characterized by a very high strenght, necessary for supporting the important loadings of water and sand, typical for this type of machine.

  3. SOVALIT Tensioned

    SOVALIT Tensioned

    ln tensioned SOVALIT the screens are provided with tensioning steel hooks, connected by round steel wires completely included in the polyurethane. The screens “work” with the usual bending.

  4. Sovalit for flip flow screening machines

    Sovalit for flip flow screening machines

    Screens can be manufactured in whatever dimension and perforation, with hardness between 70 and 90 grades Shore A and with the different fixing systems used by the sieving machines manufacturers.

  5. SOVALIT Self Supporting

    SOVALIT Self Supporting

    It allows to make screening surfaces without bending, in order to achieve the best material’s distribution on the deck and a better selection. These screens can be used on all types of vibrating and rotating sieving machines, they are easier to assemble and replace and are cheaper to keep in stock.

5 Item(s)

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