Rubber Screens

New technologies have introduced a different kind of rubber with excellent technical and mechanical characteristics. The wear and impact resistance leads to a natural use of the rubber in those fields where such requirements are indispensable. For example: abrasive aggregates screening and the protection of steel structures that are in contact with these materials. Rubber screens also lead to a considerable noise reduction in screening intallations.

Sovagom screens mark themselves out for the following characteristics:

• Long wear resistance
• No corrosion
• High noise reduction
• Good open area
• Possibility to screen clogging materials
• Availability of different rubber qualities
• High resistance to flexion

Self Supporting Sovagom

It aims to create screening surfaces without bending in order to get the best material distribution on the surface itself and a better result in the selection, even with big lump sizes. It is made by an internal steel frame completely covered by rubber, while the area between the supports is flexible enough to avoid clogging. By this way the right balance between strength and elasticity is achieved.

Tensioned Sovagom

Tensioned Sovagom is made by a support structure of textile reinforcement, completely covered with rubber. It is provided with hooks that allow the longitudinal and transversal tensioning. The screen is installed like a regular steel grid or perforated plate and the screening machine doesn't need any modification. The screens work with the usual bending.

How to use

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